In Death Everyone Is Poor

Learn a lesson from the birds and discover inner peace without worrying tomorrow. Ask the grass how they grow without a hand that cares.


Rich and famous doesn’t have privacy or peace of mind. They are worried for many things but many people envy their lifestyle. Imagine a famous celebrity worrying every now and then that his or her popularity may fade once there are new stars coming in the limelight. Newly elect politicians starts to worry for the next election even before they’ve started their public works. The fact is things that make them happy are the same things that

give them worries everyday of their life.


Are you complaining because you are not famous and you don’t have wealth to enjoy in your life?


Look at those birds flying, free and homeless. No human is taking care of them or feeding them in time, but

they’re alive and even multiply. See the grass around growing wide and wild without a gardener to take care. Why worry of so many things when you can live with peace and security? The rich and famous may die someday, so are you? The rich and famous may have a grand funeral but cannot bring a single cent under the ground. Maybe the unknown people are buried in the simplest form and soon forgotten. But, everyone may realize that in time of death everyone is considered poor for they carry nothing but earthly soul.


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