Darling Happy Birthday

A gift is something good like souvenir. A gold or diamond is worth for someone special. A card is sweet to convey greetings and message. A poem extracted from the heart is rare expression of love denied.

There are different ways of showing our love, care and devotion on special occasion like birthdays. No matter how small or simple you do it your way, it is the thought that count the most. For no one knows exactly what the celebrant want as a gift. Nevertheless, love can fill every space or gap a misunderstanding did.



Tomorrows starts a new year and wish you more and more
I may not be there to kiss your lips, but in my dreams I already did
I may not be there to give you warm embrace, so let me tell you this,
I love you, darling happy birthday.


You may never read this or you might ignore this page
But in your heart

you cannot deny, the feeling never changed
Tomorrow is your birthday; I may not be there to greet you
So again, let me tell you this, darling happy birthday.


I do not have any material gift to offer you
I cannot afford to buy a thing or two
The only precious one I can promise you, I offer my heart
Because you give me every reason to believe in love.


Happy birthday my darling, that’s all my heart, can say
No matter how far apart we are, I will keep you still in my heart
I wish you good luck, good health and pray
May God bless you and more birthdays to come, darling happy birthday.

5-31-2012 10:49pm Thursday 



Article Written By juny

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