Who Wants To Know The Story Of My Life

How would you like to be remembered in this life once you were gone? How would you like your life to be narrated through a song, poem or written in a book?

Story of My Life marks Mr. Public Service Daniel Razon his 28 years in Public Service and Charity works. Kuya Daniel as known by the public for his advocacies and philanthropic services geared his 28 years in News and Media Affairs with a Concert last November 28, 2011. The concert with the same title “Story of My Life” his 5th public musical performance proves another great success on his

career, not only for being a celebrity but for his noble purpose.

Story of My Life is a charity concert that will benefit a lot of Filipino citizen. Mr. Daniel Razon run various charity works such as Free Clinic, Free Public Rides, Free Legal Consultation, Free Education and a lot more. The Free Clinic and medical

services; range from general medical consultation, optometry, ENT, Gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, dental, orthopedic and even to minor surgery.
For emergency cases, UNTV Ambulances are free of services as well. These services are offered nationwide not only in the metro city but to all cities and provinces over the country.

Famous celebrities, politician and private citizen want to be remembered for who they are. How would you like your story to be? Would you like it to be written in a song, poem, and book or to be shown in movie theaters? Have you done enough reason to be remembered for who you are? Why not start and make your life a part of others life. For in every good deed does not result in bad.

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