Dangerous Places To Stay During Stormy Weather

Who doesn’t love nature and its scenic beauty that mesmerize even the most innocent mind? Who doesn’t want to live in a paradise look alike surrounding with scents of fresh flowers in the morning?


Everybody loves to stay in a place that feels like heaven where morning mists glow like stars in daylight. In a place you imagine a paradise where your hands almost touch the clouds while you dance on a grassy ground. What a lovely sight, what a peaceful world away from pollution and hazard of the real world that we are living in. What is paradise in your

mind and imagination or did you ever find a place you call heaven on earth? But, sometimes beauty conceals some dangers with camouflage as fragile as wings of a butterfly that easily tore once mishandled. So beware with mystic beauty that hides danger behind its wonder.

Here are dangerous places to stay during stormy weather;

>It’s a wonderful sound listening to the sea waves

during night time. But it is too dangerous to stay along beach houses during stormy weather. Disturb waves may eat you whole and spit you cold.

River banks
>Away from buzzing sound of buses, fire truck siren and horns from patrol cars. But, when the rain continuously pours leave the place at once the water may raise before you can get that far.

Hill side
>With trees, birds singing and flowers spread all over your sight. Along the hills is a place that fresh and natural scented air fills everywhere. But, the danger is there during stormy weather. Keep away before the ground falls under your feet.


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