Danger Of Internet Love

In spite of bad news, rumors and dangers that affiliates internet relationships, still love keeps searching someone in the world called “cyber space”. If you think of searching your soul mate through internet, brace yourself and be prepared for consequences.

You envy your friend who met his or her soul mate from the net and lives happily like a fairy tale. That gives you a reason to try your luck and search for your destiny by logging in to different dating sites, hoping to find the love of your life. However, be aware that, not everyone who uses the net has

the same intention like yours. Some are spammers, hackers and even criminals who are there looking for preys. So think twice before trusting someone and giving your personal information for your own safety.
Take note that, in real world people you personally known can hurt you. Your neighbors can harm you and your friends can betray you. How much more those people behind the screen can do harm or hurt you

for not knowing their real identity. Anyone from the net can use fake photos, enter false personal information and can pretend to be someone else. In short, fraud people using the internet is 80 percent compared to those strangers who roam around your vicinity.
Dangers always affiliates when meeting someone from the internet and love usually is the best weapon those fraud internet users are using to catch their prey. Do not be cheated by the looks, never let your heart trust with promises and swear to keep a thin wall between your heart and mind, or else you will end up breaking your heart and losing your soul. In that case, your dream soul mate might become your worst nightmare and your fairy tale would likely an X-files. Remember that, true love will come in the right place; right time and you do not need to search for it.

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