When Tears Run Dry

When was the last time I cried with real tears and deep sorrow like mourning for a lost beloved, I don’t remember exactly when. Was it eight years? Oh well, that was long ago.

Have you ever cried yourself without tears or no emotions showing in your face?
I do.

For so long I forget how to cry with showing emotions of sorrow and pain. I still cry but you cannot see emotions or expression in me. I mastered the way of crying without letting anyone knows I am deeply hurt and was mourning inside of me. You may see tears

falling from my eyes, but the level of sorrow is immeasurable that no word can define the exact meaning of it.


I used to be a crying woman; I cry for simple things, I even cry for nonsense things before. However, things have changed in a snap by a situation that I never dreamed to happen. I lost

my confidence, I lost my world and I was left wandering in the ocean of questions and wonders where did I go wrong. I never find the answer until I feel tired asking and seeking for the reason, till then my tears stopped falling and my heart felt no more pain.


Someone came to my life and gave me back myself. He showed me love is not that far, if only I believe. He leads me to the path where happiness brings me back my confidence and trust. He guided me through the sea of answered prayers and promises that made me cry with tears. Yes, he made me complete again. I only had one prayer in my heart, that he will hold me forever in his heart.

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