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Creepy superstitions in the Philippines part 6
Published By juny on 2012-06-24 57 Views

These are things that our old folks prohibited us to do at night. Some of these superstitious beliefs are still practiced in this modern era.


Here are list of things that one shall not do during night time. In towns and provinces these things are strictly followed by many. But here in metro cities, only few are observing these things, unless an elder is there to remind the youngsters.


Never sweep during night time;

>If you cannot avoid sweeping at night, you shall not throw the dirt out of the house. You must keep the dirt in one corner until daytime. It is believed that sweeping dirt out of the house during night time is driving away good luck.
>Never use a coconut broom sticks at night time- this is a big NO. It is believed that using a coconut broom sticks at night will attract snakes or other creepy creatures to come inside the house.


Never whistle at night;

>This beliefs means you are attracting creepy animals to come inside your house.
>Whistling at night also believed that you are calling bad spirits to come.

Never cut fingernails at night especially on Friday night;

>It is believed that once you cut your fingernails during night time your nails will become brittle and crack easily.


Never leave underwear hanged outside the house;

>It is believed that when a woman bore a child with disability or any abnormalities is due to the factor that the father is a fairy.

To be continued…….




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