Creepy Superstitions In The Philippines Part 4

Many countries have beliefs when it comes to burying their dead, same thing here in the Philippines. Some are taboo, some are unique and some are creepy.


This is the continuation with funeral beliefs here in our country. Each part of our country the Philippines has different beliefs and I am citing common beliefs that most people still follow these days.

Here are more superstitious beliefs about funeral and dead people.


>Be careful with handling the coffin- never let the coffin touch any part of the door when leaving the home or funeral home. When it is time to bury the dead, old

folks keeps reminding that the coffin shall never touch any part of the door or else, a family member will die soon. In any case it happens that the coffin touches any part of the door, the internment must be postponed to arrange rituals to void the curse.


>Burn the dead person’s belongings- usually after the burial, neighbors will clean the place where the funeral takes place (family and immediate relatives are not allowed to clean the area or help with the cleaning). Then, all the wastes will be burned along with the dead person’s personal belongings. Most of it is clothes and special things of the dead person. Some of the dead person’s precious things are put on top of the coffin; some small things are put inside the coffin and buried with the dead. This is

to keep the dead spirits away or to come back looking for his/her favorite stuffs.

> The dead spirit’s visit- three days after the burial it is believed that the dead person’s spirit will visit his/her family members and relatives. So, most family members and relatives are scared on the third night after the burial. Everyone is alert, waiting for something unusual and stays together on the third day. Till this date, many still believes that spirit of their dead love ones do visited them on the third day after the burial. Some say, they saw ghost/spirit or smell the person’s favorite perfume, candle scents or flowery scents. It is believed that, on the third day the dead person’s spirit come to drop by and visit his/her loved ones before going to his/her final destination. If that is the case, then why family members and relatives are scared to see their dead loved ones spirit saying goodbye?

To be continued…..



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