Creepy Superstitions In The Philippines Part 3

Superstitious beliefs are still recognized in many parts of the world. An even successful and educated person follows certain beliefs from ancient time.


Here in the Philippines, wakes are usually done in the house of the dead person especially in towns and provinces. While on city areas some people prefers to lay their dead love ones on funeral homes. Once again, there are superstitious beliefs that most believers still follows during wakes, burial and after interment.


>Pregnant not allowed to view the dead person- pregnant are not allowed to view the dead person inside the coffin. Whether it is the wife, daughter

and relatives it is believed that viewing the dead person inside the coffin may cause miscarriage or the baby will die soon.
>Never clean the dust or drive away any insect on the coffin- it is prohibited to clean or wipe the dust on the coffin or drive away any insects seen on the coffin. Wiping the dust means you are trying to maintain a good look of the coffin like those on displays. Therefore it is like you are asking bad luck to come for another death. Insects are believed to be the spirit of the dead person, so never drive

it away or never hurt it.

>Avoid the tears to drop on top of the coffin- it is believed that once tears dropped on top of the coffin, the dead spirits will have a hard time leaving the world going to the spirit world. The tears will always remind the dead that his or her loved ones cannot accept his/her death. So, it is very much prohibited to drop a tear on the coffin.

> Always light a candle and never allow it to die- although there are other lights surrounding the coffin, it is a must to keep a lighted candle and should never let it die. Lighted candles are believed to be lightning the dead spirit’s going to the spirit world. So, if the candle dies, the dead spirits cannot find its way to the spirit world.

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