Constructive Criticism

 “Acceptance will lead you to change”

Constructive criticism is not the same as revile. Critic/s wants you to change and not to bring you down.


You feel bad when someone criticized you, especially when criticism comes from a person who never knows the real you, right? You feel that, that person had stepped on your ego, when it’s not what the person meant to convey. Oftentimes criticism perceived with negative thoughts, when the critic/s only wants you to understand the areas where you need to change and improve. Acceptance is the key to improve oneself. Learn to admit mistake/s and never

let pride empowered you, keep calm and understand every word before bursting into anger, or you will regret everything without knowing the goodness behind the criticism.

There are two kinds of criticism that you failed to understand and felt bad when someone corrected you on the spot. You failed to look on the brighter side, because, the words impacted you with ill feeling towards the critic/s. A simplified example is when a superior (office boss/manager) give a comment regarding your work/job, say it sounds negative for you, but your superior doesn’t mean anything bad. Yet, you feel insulted. If you took it negatively, it will surely ended you up with resignation, but if you look at the brighter side and it challenges you to give your best, you will gain respect and who knows a better position is awaiting for you.

Constructive criticism doesn’t always come from your family, loved ones or friends. Sometimes constructive criticism comes from a stranger has deeper meaning than criticism from someone whom you knew personally.

You maybe wonder why and how was that? It is given, and a common knowledge that your family, loved ones and friends are always there to give you support , boost your confidence because they want you to bring out the best in you, or make you changed into a better person or excel in your field. But, a criticism from a stranger has the real essence of the word constructive criticism. You never knew the person yet he knows you can change, and you can improve because this stranger sees the inner in you which your family and friends overlooked, due to closeness and togetherness that they are already used to what you are, and who you are.

It is an instinct to defend yourself after receiving a criticism. To cover up your mistake, you passed the blame to other person. Why? Because, you are not ready, to accept any correction from someone you never knew personally. Remember that, constructive criticism is not the same with revile. Criticism is to make change, to made you analyzed and realized your mistake/s and not to let you down, not to worsen the situation either. Set aside your pride, too much pride will never lead you to change, instead, accept criticism as a challenge, and the solution is very simple.



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