Con Te Partiṛ – With You I Will Leave (time To Say Goodbye)

The moment I said goodbye doesn’t mean I do not love you. I have to end this relationship because I love you and I don’t want that love to turn into hatred.

Definitely, I would rather say goodbye and end a relationship before the love turns into hatred. Too much pain slowly becomes unbearable no matter how I tried my best to understand you. Maybe we had the right time love at the wrong time that conflicts our feelings and emotions. The mood is changing every now and then; the love I thought I found this time is for real seems

only a mirage of miracle. I never lost hope or faith in you, nothing change the way I look at you. The problem is in me, I am afraid the pain will turn into hate and made love the bitterest feeling in my life. The more I tried to understand you the hallow feelings widened inside of me. Slowly the pain turns into emptiness, I am afraid it might swallow me whole. The only difference, I lost my self-confidence the first time I lost someone I love. While

this time, I am afraid to lose myself once I lost you.

Goodbye does not mean I do not love you anymore. I need to decide before this love turns into hatred. I don’t want to lose you forever. I want to keep you in my heart with respect. I want to remember you with a smile and not with tears. I want to see the clouds with our dreams and hope someday I can touch you once more. I want to say your name with passion and wish to hear your voice with excitement. I want to remember your laughter, your jokes and your moods. I only want happy moments to be sketch in my memory. I want everything to remain forever in my heart as if you never caused me pain or heartache. The moment I say goodbye doesn’t mean you will be forgotten. In fact, goodbye this time means I will love you forever but no more pain, no more heartache. Goodbye for now, because I love you.

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