A Complete Day With You - A Poem

When you found someone you believe your life will surely becomes complete. When you put your trust completely with that someone, you will find eternal love.



My morning starts to shine with your smile.
A cup of tea and slice of bread,
That matched your sweet caress and warm embrace.
You seasoned my breakfast with tender kiss full of love and grace.
My break time comes with sunshine in your eyes.
A glass of juice and a slice of my favorite

Served with love, filled with care and loving touch.


Here comes my lunch arrived with gladness, garnished with kisses.
A bit of jokes to lighten up my stressful time loaded with works.
We dine a meal with candle light like the first time when we’re together.
And now my night

would end with one wish in my mind,
That my day will always start, like each day when I am with you.
And love will bind us on earth as it is in heaven above.


Each day with you becomes a Valentines without flowers and chocolates,
Each day with you, is a season of love with no dancing in the moonlight.
Each day with you becomes special with no occasion, but worth a celebration.
Each day with you I believed my life is complete,
Coz’ you gave me the meaning of my life and its all begun, when I am with you.


6-12-2012 2:20am Tuesday

Article Written By juny

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