Call Center Interview Guide- For Inbound And Outbound

This call center guide applies to both inbound and outbound call centers. The recruitment process may or not include the following.

Always give your best foot and forget it’s your first. Never put in mind there’s always a second chance. Why go for the second chance when you can make it with your first.

Initial interview/ group/panel
 Commonly, an initial interview comes in panel, 5-6 applicants. Two or more interviewers at the same time will gauge each applicant’s reaction under the pressure of dealing with different personalities. This filters out unqualified applicants and usually conducted by a human resource professional.

Written or

Computer Based Exam
Accent and Communication Exam
30 minutes (or more) multiple choices test on vocabulary, grammar and short listening test.

Screening Test/ Pro-Speak/Versant
A 30 minutes computer based test of reading comprehension.
Typing speed test at least 30 words per minute (30wpm)

Stress Interview:
To assess your reaction with uncomfortable situations: long silence or icy stares and by throwing sarcastic questions.
Remain calm and poised; don’t rise to the

bait- show courtesy at all times.

Behavioral Interview:
The candidate is asked to recall and describe past situations.
Discuss briefly what you remember and be prepared for follow-up questions.

Final interview: one-to-one
Finally, you’ve passed series of tests. Be confident, but not over confident. This stage is to assess your over-all skills and qualifications. This is to determine whether you qualify for customer service, technical support or sales skills.

The final stage after passing all the test and conquering your fears!

Note: Call Center Interview and Hiring is a one day process procedure.

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