Reasons For Having Caesarean Operation

Since ancient time, giving birth gives a lot of complications to women. Many leads to death of the mother or the child, and caesarean operation in this modern time are great help.

Caesarean also known as C-section is a surgical procedure through a mother’s abdomen and uterus to deliver a baby or two babies and rarely case of dead fetus removal.

Here are some common reasons why a caesarean operation is needed:

>Prolonged labor or failure to progress (dystocia)
Dystocia is an abnormal or difficult childbirth or labor due to incoordinate uterine activity, fetal lie or presentation.

>Fetal Distress – fetal may

not be well due to breathing problem problems during the prolong labor and other symptoms. (see dystocia)

>Cord Prolapse- when the umbilical cord precedes the fetus exit from the uterus.

>Uterine Rapture- a uterine rapture is a life-threatening for the mother and the baby.

>Hypertension- increased of blood pressure of the mother or the baby after amniotic rapture.

>Tachychardia – increased heart rate of the mother or the baby after amniotic rapture.

>Placental Problems-
Placenta praevia- a complication in which the placenta is attached to the uterine wall close to or covering the cervix.
Placental abruption or Placenta accrete- is a complication wherein the placental lining is separated from the uterus.

>Abnormal Presentation- breech or transverse position.
Breech or Transverse– the baby enters the birth canal with the buttocks or feet first which is opposed to the normal head first presentation.

>Failed Labor Induction- if the pregnancy has gone past 42 weeks, or if there are health risk for continuing the pregnancy.
Premature termination of the pregnancy.
Scheduling concern.
Fetal death in uterus
Twin pregnancy continuing beyond 38 weeks.

>Failed Instrumental Delivery- by

forceps or ventouse. Sometimes a trial forceps/ventouse is tried or attempt and unsuccessful.

>Umbilical Cord Abnormalities- vasa previa ,the vessel course within the membranes and are risk of rapture when the supporting membranes rapture.

>HIV Infection of the mother- and other sexually transmitted disease that can passed on to the baby if the baby born vaginally.


China has been sited having the highest rate of C-section in the world at 46% in 2008.

The US National Health Organization says that rises in C-section are not in isolation, a cause for concern, but may reflect reproductive patterns.
In some cases, some women preferred a C-section to avoid the labor pain. While other doctors, especially in private hospitals done C-section because it is more profitable and more convenient than the lengthy vaginal process.
There is a current debate that Caesarean is a bad thing and is totally opposing the natural process of birthing process. However, reality is undeniable that C-section is a life saving for mother and the baby.

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