Interview Guide For Call Center Agents

Here are few common interview questions for call center agents. Be sure to have your own script, these are only guides to help you write your own answer. Remember to be always specific, short and precise answer will give you a smart impression.

1.Tell Me About Yourself;
This is the most difficult question to answer because there is no specific answer to this question. Do not be tempted to tell your life story or biography, but concentrate on your education and work experience if you have any.
This means you should not respond with “my hobbies are, favorite movies etc or

any extra curricular activities” trust me, interviewers are not interested.
If you are a First Timer, this could be your answer;
My name is Juny and I graduated as blah, blah, blah (short description of your education) I am looking for a job that will provide fresh challenges and rewards that matches my qualification/s. Call center job ranks highly ideal on my job lists. I know I am ready for this job and I am confident that I would be a good addition for your team. 3 minutes is enough to leave your qualification catchy to the interviewers attention.

Sometimes the interviewer will make a follow-up question like

2. So, what are your skills to fit on this job?
You can answer with “I have the right combination of skill and experience for this job. I also bring additional strong quality of analytical and problem solving ability.

3. How do you think you will compensate for your lack of experience?
Answer: I have the willingness to try new things and I am a quick learner.
Emphasize that you are a quick learner and willing to learn. If you have any relevant work experienced, this is the right time to introduce to the interviewer.

4. Why should we hire you? /What you can for us that other candidates can’t?/ What makes you unique?

summarize your strength, qualifications and assets. Do not say you are hardworking- it is given that you should/must be hard working.
Answer; The quality that makes me the best person for this position is my passion for excellence. I am committed to quality and excellence. My technical skills and ability to build a strong customer relationship allow me to use my knowledge to break down information and be an excellent customer representative.

5. What does a call center mean to you? What do you know about call center? Why do you want to work in this call center?
The interviewer is trying to gauge your seriousness and commitment with the job. This question is one of the common standard questions for all call center interviews.
Answer; Call center offers a good opportunity to everyone who has the skill and ability to work with challenges since this job never requires any specific education attainment. I believed that my skills, qualifications and ability match exactly for this job. Learning and growth are important values to me. I sincerely believed that I am the right person for this job and this company.


This is my personal answer and I did not write my whole answer, you must create your own to sound natural. This is just a guide and always remember when you are speaking, speak clearly and be concise. Use short sentences and deliver them in a slow (not too slow) and patient manner.

Few more common questions coming next!

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