Common Funeral Tradition And Custom In The Philippines Part 2

In this modern era most common traditional still exist and observed in many parts of the world. The Philippines is one of those countries which tradition and custom are not much affected with the modernization.

This is a continuation about common funeral tradition and custom here in my country, the Philippines. Here are the lists of common tradition and custom which most places/ people follow and observed. Since each towns or provinces around the country has unique and distinct custom also. Moreover, after the burial ceremony there are few things that the bereaved family must execute.

Nine days of prayers

After the

burial ceremony the family and relatives must offer consecutive nine days of prayers. This is believed to help the dead person’s spirit to reach heaven. The prayers are to ask forgiveness in behalf of the dead person’s spirit for all the sins he/she have done when the person is still alive. During these days, the family members still are not allowed to socialize or even go to work. Immediate family members must compel a total mourning by staying inside the house with less household works if possible. On the 9th day of prayers, there will be a simple gathering for the family, relatives and friends. Usual
foods that are served are sweets and native delicacies.


41st day after the burial

This day is very important to the family because after this day, every family member can go back to their normal life. However, each of them shall wear a small black pin or ribbon on their left chest. On this day the family will again offer prayers and this time a bigger feast for the relatives and friends. More foods are served during this event. In other towns or provinces, they spend this day for a beach outing. They believed that swimming represents a finished task and obligation for the dead person’s spirit. It means that the family members successfully executed everything that may help the dead person’s spirit reached his/her destination.

To be continued………..


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