Common Funeral Tradition And Custom In The Philippines

Town and provinces here in the Philippines has different tradition and custom when it comes to funeral and paying respect with their dead. There are common traditions that most people/places follow and observed until this day.


In olden days family members and immediate relatives must wear black dress during wake and funeral. Family members are strictly to follow such rules and must wear black dresses for a whole year. But on these modern days, most people prefer to wear white dresses and only use a black ribbon pinned on their left chest near to their heart. Wakes usually takes few days

or a week. It is very seldom that a wake last for a month even with the rich people here in the Philippines. Some wakes takes place at the dead person’s house or at funeral homes.

A watcher
During the wake, there must be a watcher to sit near the coffin; either a family member or immediate relatives can take turns on this duty. A watcher must not sleep or else he/she should ask for a replacement if cannot stand sleepiness.

During the wake
>Family members are not allowed to cook for their foods or served food to visitors and guests. Let other relatives do these things or pay someone to do the task.

>Family members are not allowed to take a bath all through the days of wake. However, with few instances they can take a bath at their

neighbor’s house.

>Cleaning the surrounding, inside or outside the house/funeral home is strictly prohibited.

Burial ceremony
Some religious groups conduct a short mass before burying the dead. Some ask the church leaders to bless the dead person together with the family members.

>Before the burial, family members, relatives and friends will line up for the final viewing.

>If the dead person is an elder, small kids must cross the coffin; this is believed to be showing respect with the dead elder one. Older people help the little kids do this ritual. This ritual must be performed with proper care to avoid any body part of the small kids to touch the coffin.

>Once the coffin is pulled down in the grave pit, the family members’ throws flowers or a handful of soil on the coffin as sign of goodbye.

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