Common Filipino Breakfast Meal

Here in my country, the Philippines, regardless of status in life there are breakfast meals that every Filipino table has in common.

Philippines is divided into three major islands. Each island has its own identity when it comes to food and dishes. But, there are breakfast meals that the whole country has in common regardless of status in life. You may find one or two of these breakfast common foods in every Filipino table all over the country.


*Fried rice- some like their fried rice plain with garlic, while others like it spicy with lots of onions, powdered black pepper sprinkled with

spring onion or leaks.

*Dried fish- fried or grilled dried fish. Dipping is either plain vinegar or vinegar with chili and crushed garlic. It can also be eaten with sliced tomatoes, garlic and onions.

*Fried eggs –either sunny side up or plain scrambled eggs. Some cook their scrambled eggs with sliced tomatoes and onions.

*Eggplant omelet- dip with catsup or mayonnaise. But the best partner for this is black sauce with chili and lemon juice.

*Salted egg- serves with sliced tomatoes, onions and lemon juice.


– hotdogs, longganisa, bacon, tocino or sweet meat, bologna and ham

*Champorado – is similar to porridge. Champorado is glutinous rice cooked like porridge with chocolate powder and sweetened milk. Some use fresh coconut milk instead of sweetened milk. The best chocolate flavor for champorado is pure cocoa powder. Kids love this for breakfast than oatmeal.

Here are other lists of common breakfast foods in provinces but people in the city sometimes have these for breakfast for a change.

>cooked root crops such as cassava and sweet potatoes
>cooked plantain- unripe or ripe is also among the common breakfast foods in provinces
>native delicacies – such as puto, suman, kutchina and bibingka.


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