Am I A Sentimental Fool

When you feel that you need me, just think of me and I will be there.

I understand you are busy with many things. You find less time with me and I feel coldness between the gaps. I do not want to sounds demanding not to disappoint you and make you upset. I never wish to do things against your will so here I am waiting for a little attention from you. No, I didn’t mean to look pitiful with this confession, I am only expressing my feelings to unload some heaviness deep within me.

I miss a lot of things

these past few days, but never mind me, this is my nature a sentimental fool. I know you love me on your own little way, I am learning from it and slowly getting used to. I

know this time I finally found someone who build my world around me. Someone who knows how to handle me with firmness and command, which I needed the most to make me feel I am important.

Your coldness draws some line of pain in my heart, a glitz of sadness but it’s fine. I know you know better than me; I know you know what is good for us. I will follow every word from you no matter if I look like a slave to you. Listening to you is not being slave I know, but showing respect and love is to respect. I only had one wish; make me feel the nearness of you.

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