Class Suspension Due To Heavy Rains

Classes are suspended due to continues rain since last night that causes flood to metro cities here in the Philippines.


Classes from first grade to secondary level are suspended this morning due to non-stop rain since last night that causes flood all throughout metro Manila Philippines. Clogged drainage is the main reason why most cities here in metro Manila suffers flood during heavy rain falls. This has been a problem for many years but it seems the city officials are not doing their job to avoid this trouble during rainy season. It looks like it is already their habit to do

movements during calamities and the worst part is they wait till tragedy happens.


If the rain won’t stop for the next few days it also means that classes’ suspension will be extended until waters and flood subsides. That would be like extended vacation for many kids and will surely makes them happy. Good for studious ones, they will find time to study their new lesson, but how about those

computer addict kids. It’s just barely a month since the class started here in the Philippines and it is expected that there will be more class suspension coming ahead all throughout this rainy season.


We cannot blame the season for this and this is not the usual scene during rainy season here in metro cities long time ago. Kids are enjoying the rainy season before, playing and bathing in the rains. But now, kids cannot play outside and enjoy the rain due to dirty flood water on the road. Blame the irresponsible citizen for throwing their garbage everywhere and the city officials for not doing their job as well. Pity are the kids who missed the class and missed to enjoy their childhood in the rains.


10:49pm Tuesday

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