Christina Perri’s Favorite Mtv’s Review -a Thousand Years

I am not a fan of new genre singers nor songs. But Christina Perri did capture my attention the way she sings and her collection of songs that will surely attract your interest. Neither the melody nor the lyrics will linger in your mind and played repeatedly.

Here are three of my favorites and I want so share with you ?

1) Jar of Hearts
This song reflects a broken heart, thou still loving the same person become strong and never let the same person hurt her again.
“ who do you think you are,
Running round leaving scars
Collecting your

jar of hearts
And tearing love apart

I hear you’re asking all around
If I am anywhere to found
But I have grown too strong
To ever fall back in your arms”

2) A Thousand Years
This song reminds me of the movies “A letter from John”, “Message in a Bottle”. A love that waits a lifetime to be found and materialized.

“I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I love you for a thousand more”



This song pictures reality of love and life.

“the world is coming down on me and I can’t find a reason to be loved
I never wanna leave you but I can’t make you bleed if I’m alone

I tried my best to never let you see the truth
And I’m never opened up
I’ve never truly loved Till you put your arms around me
And I believed that it’s easier for you to let me go”

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