Chocolates And Roses A Perfect Bribe To Win A Heart

I don’t know why chocolates and roses becomes a common present for girls during courtship or in a relationship. It just came to me, what if instead of roses and chocolates, why not a house and lot plus a car that is more than enough to win a heart, what do you think ladies?


Oh boy I am just kidding, if house and lot plus a car are the common gifts during courtship I wonder how many houses and cars do I have now (aw, do I sound like pulling my hair that long, can I laugh, hehehehe). Come to think

of it, what’s behind the chocolates and roses why it becomes a common present for ladies during courtship or in a relationship? Hmn, let me go extreme to exaggerate my reason. Maybe the guy wants the lady he is courting to become fat by giving her chocolates everyday. If that is the case, no one will court her and she has no other choice but to accept his proposal, that is real smart huh. But how about the roses, why not give orchids or hibiscus instead. I like orchids better, not because it is expensive compared to roses. Hibiscus can be picked from other’s backyard and I am good with

it too, just give me the scarlet and yellow ones.


I was thinking though, who made these chocolates and roses a trend as present during courtship. Please do not think I am a material girl for choosing house and lot plus a car as an option instead of chocolates and roses. I can still imagine myself the first time I received roses, yes, that time I was only 13 and the boy only give me roses minus the chocolate. I was so excited smelling the roses and feel like eating it (lols). So, that must be the reason why chocolates is a must when a guy give roses to a lady or else, the lady might bite the roses while smelling its scent (lols again). Well, it’s not a bad idea smelling the roses while biting the chocolates and forget the diet for the meantime. Besides, I cannot eat the house and I can’t go on sniffing the car or vice versa. Just one more thing, why not make a change. Why not give roses made of chocolates plus a rose scent, do I make sense now?

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