Chironex Box Jellyfish-world’s Venomous Creature

There are more than 28 species of box jellyfish and Chironex Fleckeri the largest and most dangerous with some five billion stinging cells.

Mission Beach, Queensland Australia, 2003, a named boy Jareed Crook was swimming when suddenly he screamed. His grandfather pulled him from the water and the boy soon collapsed, within an hour we was dead of cardiac arrest. This case captivated the Australian Marine Stingers and Ecologist Jamie Seymour at James Cook University in Cairns. He studied box jellyfish movement using tiny ultrasonic transmitters half an inch wide, which he glued, to the jelly’s bells- making him the first

scientist to tag jellyfish.

There are more than 28 species of box jelly fish and Chironex Fleckeri tag as the largest measuring the size of basketball, with 60 tentacles as long as 15 feet each- with some five billion stinging cells. Box jelly fish do not attack human, but a random brush can lead to death within minutes- this tags box jellyfish as the world’s venomous creature. Unlike most jellyfish that are essentially blind, Chironex Fleckeri has 24 eyes, giving

it sight to hunt for fish. Another oddity of Chironex Fleckeri, it can swim a speed of five feet within a second and lively during nighttime wherein other jellyfish still lay on seafloor.

Jamie Seymour helped creating a computer model to predict the end of each box jellyfish season, which runs from November to June. City councils use it to determine when it is safe to remove their stingers net. Many beaches use stinger nets to keep box jellyfish from swimming areas. Australian lifeguards also keep vinegar on hand because it stops Chironex from firing venom. Survivors of Chironex attack bear a purple ropelike scar for life. Fatalities from box jellyfish are in decline due to public awareness and preventive measures. That’s the most gratifying part of the research “ Seymour says”.

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World’s Venomous Creature, Box Jellyfish
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