Child Bride

They are not only deprived from enjoying childhood but also the innocence of childhood. Child bride is illegal, but how will the society fight child bride if the family are doing it secretly.

Young bride as young as 12 years old who should be enjoying their childhood and must be in school to study are forced to marry at the early age. It is estimated that more than 10 million girls from developing countries are victims of this acts of child abuse and molestation.

June 2011 issue of NATIONAL GEOGRPAHIC found that not only in India, Yemen but also in Ethiopia

and Afghanistan where older men with the young girl’s parents consent take young brides forcefully. This is due to poverty and some older men or middle-aged widower took advantage and give a small amount as payment for the young bride. Wedding ceremony usually takes place at night due
to fear of authorities that might catch this kind of evil activity.

This is also risking the lives of young girls because their body is not yet fully developed for sexual activities or bearing a child. They are not even aware of what is happening and why this has to happen to them. Some girls are threatened to death if they ever think of escaping from their husband.

Thu there are people who are trying to protect and prevent such kind of illegal marriages but, the organization is not enough to watch the whole village who’s villagers are not participating to rescue those innocent girls, yet, some parents are still giving their kids as a young bride to the hands of greedy flesh evil that haunt for prey.

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