Change For Yourself And Not For The Sake Of The Others

You do not need to change for the sake of other people. You do not need to change to make people love you. But you need to change for yourself and be proud of it.

Even the best rider in both gender has weakness, therefore you shall not expect everyone around will love and like your every ways. No matter how you give your best, you might end up with disappointment. Not everyone who agrees with you are honestly voting for your ideas and not everyone who disagrees is against your smartness. There are times that the closest people in your

life slowly disappear and treat you cold for unknown reason. You might not feel the absence and distant until you woke up one day that no one is around. Then you will ask yourself what is wrong in you or what is wrong with them. Before it is too late open up your mind for criticism and you will find the answer to your questions.

You will never find the wrong in you if you won’t search your own self. There is nothing wrong with

soul searching for the sake of the others because at the end of it all no one will receive the award but you alone. Some people might say “this is me and I won’t change for the sake of the others”, that is right. It is better to be yourself than to pretend like someone else. However, people are not asking you to change for them. They are wishing you to change for yourself and for your own sake. Remember that true friends are the ones who sees the bad in you, says the wrong in you yet want you to change for a better you.

So, stop saying “love me for who I am” because people who truly loves you, indeed love you for who you are. If they want you to change it is because they wish you to see the best of whoever and whatsoever you are.


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