Challenge Your Excuses

If there’s a will, there’s a way. Therefore challenge your excuses before quitting or else you will find yourself regretting for the best thing that could be yours.


The worst dilemma you will always carry in your life is when you quit without giving any try. Old folks say, you will never run out of excuses once you never like to do anything, but there will be no any excuse when you want something to acquire. There are many things that are not worth trying for, but there are few things that you might regret after ignoring. Your luck maybe knocks

many times at your door however; destiny only comes once in a lifetime and might be entering through your window. You won’t be wasting a whole life searching for a fortune but, you will lose half of your life for throwing the opportunity of finding eternity due to stupid excuses.

 Before saying no, or before turning your back from

obstacles in life always give your best foot forward like there is no second chance. You may fail with first attempt, you may fall with second try or you may break a bone with the third time. Be proud of yourself at least you had given your best it just happen that your best wasn’t good enough. Rather than regretting your whole life thinking what could have been the result. If only you have given yourself the chance to take the challenge then you will never end up wondering with why and what if. Never took any chances before you miss the best thing that you are longing for to be yours. Nevertheless, challenge your excuses or bear your worst nightmare.


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