Guide And Sample Answer For Call Center Agent

Here are list of common/standard interview question for call center. You can check out my previous article regarding this guides, common interview question and sample answer/s.

a)What is your long-range objective?
Focus on realistic career opportunities you could expect in your industry and what you hope to gain from these opportunities.
Answer; I am interested in long-term commitment and stability. I would like to become one of the best agents in this company and be involved in strategic planning in senior level. This is the position that I’ve had my eyes on for a while and as long as it provides

me with the opportunity to grow within the company. I would love to stay here and make it my future career path.

b) What is greatest weakness?
The interviewer is assessing your self-awareness and insight rather than your weaknesses. The ability to acknowledge a weakness is often sees as a sign of maturity and wisdom. Refer from your true weakness and turn it into a positive by describing it as an area of development.
Answer; I am impatient with people who do not work at the same pace as me, but I am learning to manage this. I have had trouble in the past with planning and prioritizing. However, now I know how to tackle everything, figure out what is urgent, and what come next. I am a strong person and I am not considering myself vulnerable. I am not good in singing and dancing but I don’t think it will affect my job.

Or you answer like this;
My weakness was speeches and interview like this. I talk too fast and then stutter especially when I am excited about the interview. I am also afraid I am not able to show my true potential in job interview like this one. However, it works best for me because when I am afraid, I tend to work harder, exert an extra effort and press on. I am working on it and now I am proud to say I am a little bit confident answering your questions. I hope I do sound confident to you. (with a smile)

c) How would you describe your previous manager/supervisor/superior (for those who have work experienced, this question is likely to be asked)
When answering questions like this, avoid saying anything that can be interpreted as

negative. Even if there is truly negative about your previous boss rather try to tell something positive. The answer should be fact-based and not your own opinion.
Answer; My manager is a very experienced person. He managed the company for 12 years and he like his staff to be able to work independently. I have learned to work independent and quick with analyzing problem and providing solution/s.

d) How would you define success?
This is a personal question, your personal views on how you define success.
Answer; Success tome would be maintaining good health, learning something new everyday and having family and friends close. Success for me is not all about money and fame; I believed that success is found in fabric of everyday life. Things we tend to take for granted until it is taken away from us.

e) What motivates you in your job?
This is another personal trait, there is no wrong or right answer.
Answer: My previous manager gave me more responsibility and that challenges me to prove my ability and qualification. Challenges and difficult tasks motivate me to do my best.

f) What salary are you seeking/ expecting?
Research salaries in this field before your interview so that you know the current salary range for the type of position you are seeking/applying for.
Answer: I’ve asked few friends who are working in your company that you offered salary for newly hired the amount of _____ (for newly hired)
(With experienced) answer: I have learned from a friend who is working in your company that you offered newly hired the amount of_____, at what range do you typically pay someone with my background? (you can make a bargain)

Note; After each interview, always say thanks to the interviewer.
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