Working Graveyard Shift Is Not Easy And Not Even Funny Folks

Working graveyard shift is not easy and not even funny folks. Having dark rings around your eyes that gives you the look scarier than Dracula is not a humor.


Customers get annoyed and irritated with other customer care representative. Maybe not always but often times it happens. I am also a customer and at the same time working with a call center company. Anyway, not every customer is irate and not all agents are dumb, sometimes it is the other way round. Read between the lines and laugh if you feel like.

Call 1: (a Spanish customer requesting for a Spanish agent)


Do you speak Spanish?...hello, do you speak Spanish?
Agent: (sleepy) having hard time understanding the customer suddenly laugh and said “Oh yes, It’s funny” (lols, who is funny?)

Call 2: (troubleshooting)
Agent: Thank you for calling Triond, this is juny, how may I help you today?
Customer: From where are you, I cannot hear you clearly.
Agent: Sir, I am here in Manila Philippines.
Customer: Ohhhh, you are too far that is why I cannot hear you clearly. By

the way, where is Philippines? (toinks)

Call 3: (satisfied customer and over acting agent)
Customer: My voicemail box is now working good, you’re really great.
Agent: Okay Robert, is there anything else that I can help you with?
Customer: That’s all and thanks a lot.
Agent: Well Robert, again thank you for calling Triond and enjoy the rest of your life (hehehe)

Do you think working in a call center is all stress, you’re wrong. Working in a call center is like working in a circus. Critical times dealing with the metrics and having fun time with customers, forget the irate ones they will give you wrinkles.

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