Call Center Humor And Experiences

I want to share my experiences working with customer care, on contrary to this stressful job there are also funny side of it.
Here is some of that ridiculous conversation with different customers.


Irate customer:

Customer: I bought this phone for hundred bucks and paid my plan for six month to avail your company’s promo but it is not working and this is a new phone (very irate)
I followed all the instruction and have it charged for hours and when I turned it on, it never works.

Me: I understand your situation Henry, I am sorry to hear that you

are having trouble with your new phone, but don’t you worry I am here to help you resolve with the problem.
Can you take out the battery and put it back in?

Customer: Ok…(pause,silence)
Oh h*ll, there is no battery, sorry I forgot to put the battery when I charged it.

Me: (laughs.. make sure your phone is in mute )


Sad Customer

Customer: My wife died and I do not have enough balance to call my family can you provide me with credit.

Me: Oh, that’s great! (what?... did you hear your caller? His wife died )

The customer will

either hanged up or cursed you … and your supervisor will surely give you a good coaching.
(Never blame the sleepiness)


Satisfied customer:

Customer: You’re great, I have been calling for many times to troubleshoot my phone and no agent was able to help with my problem.
Can I talk to your supervisor for a commendation?

Me: Thank you Jackie, let me call my supervisor.


That is the consolation working with this stressful industry.

This is one of the best jobs for me, working in a position that you do not have any idea.

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