Call Center Funny Customers

During team huddle, agents experiences are revealed when supervisors pulled a call copy for team review.
Here are common funny conversations with customers.


Call one: 

Situation: Customer is happy and agent is building a good rapport.

Customer: Where is Philippines, I wish to visit and met you if possible.
Agent: Philippines is in Asia.
Customer: I see, but Asia is too big. Give me a specific country where Philippines is near.
Agent: Do you know where is Japan?
Customer: Yes, I have visited Japan before, so Philippines is near Japan?
Agent: Yes, yes, it is near Japan…just turn

Team: In chorus: turn right? …. (laughing)


Call two:
Situation: Assisting a customer with troubleshooting.

 Agent: (girl) Can I hold you for a minute or two John?
Customer: (guy) Sure baby, hold it a little longer (hahaha)

If the customer is a woman and the agent is a guy,

it is either the customer will ignore or say “what”?
This situation is a very common mistake when agent put their customers on hold.
Oh yes, it did happen to me that is why I know. (laughs)

Customer service job is not all stressed, but also humorous and an out of the box life fun.

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