Cakes For Nurses

Towel art designs for cakes looks cute, but here is another cake designs meant for nurses. Maybe you can choose one for your nurse friend, or at least the designs will give you a good idea for his or her next birthday.

Do you have a nurse friend and you want to give him or her good surprise? Check the photos below and pick your choice. If those photos are not good enough, maybe you can modify some and add your own idea to make your original concept. There are many funny designs to choose from, you can check from the

net or cake book designs, but having your own original concept is a fun way to surprise your friend too. If you do not have a nurse friend, I guess these cake designs will give you an idea for your engineers, teachers, manager and other careers.

While choosing designs for a nurse friend always consider medical instruments or a nurse figurine. For a nurse figurine, a sexy woman is always on the go and for a male nurse, well, it is up to you. For medical instruments, syringe is very common, to have your own touch try to think of something unique for add

on. Let me give you few suggestions then. How about a nurse figurine holding a baby instead of a medical instrument, isn’t sweet? How about a hospital building design where your friend is working, that needs a big size of cake I guess. Okay, one more suggestion, maybe a nurse figurine with your friend’s face, what do you think?

For other careers like I said, for engineers, teachers, managers etc, of course never use a nurse figurine or syringe design. These photos are only samples for you to think of other designs to make. I hope I am able to help you on how to surprise your friends especially your nurse friends. If you are a nurse, I am sure you can make a better design for you and your nurse friend. I have a nurse friend and he is a male nurse, I hope anyone can give me a better suggestion here. Giving surprises to our friends is a fun way to celebrate a birthday.

check the Photos :

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