Build Your Own World

The moment you feel that everything seems so unfair never think that life is full of frustration, instead create a world you can call your own where all your dreams and fantasies come true.

When you feel that life has lost all the beautiful colors and lovely melody seems to fade away, don’t turn away but close your eyes. Think of someone you want to hold your hands as you travel inside the world that you want to build. Inside your dream you can make everything perfect, no hurt, no pain, no sorrow and tears. In your dream no one

can deceive you, no one has the right to dictate and tell you what to do. It is your world, your very own world within your power and changes everything in your command.


In your dream you can turn every fantasies come true. Even destiny and fate are powerless to turn down your will. Tears have no place in there and fear cannot enter in

any way. Build your world with ecstasy, full of love and unseen beauty. A world where nothing is impossible but restricted for selected ones and you alone can open any doors when somebody wants to enter. Because, in your dream the world is yours and everyone is under your will.


So, wipe those tears, close your eyes and enter the world that you have created. Be calm, enjoy the serenity. Solitude is not loneliness but sometimes it is better than a temporary happiness. In your dream happiness is immeasurable and laughter is unending. In your dream you can make everything last forever. All you need to do is close your eyes and continue dreaming inside the world you build that has no end.



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