Broken Vow And Promises

Committing a mistake is human, forgiving is divine, lying is like a prison and honesty is freedom. I am not sure how many of you prefer to hear the truth no matter how it hurts, than be comforted with lies. What is the use of giving comfort when everyone knows the truth and you are the only one left believing a lie?



I did not ask perfection
I did not beg condemnation
I never cry for satisfaction
I only crave one dream to hold on
To have you, once in a bluemoon



You wrote my name, I engraved yours
You draw a line, I paint your face
I touch your hand, you hold me close
Together we rhyme words undisclosed
A song in our heart for keeps we oath



Wind suddenly change, blew coldness on my face
Sounds like harsh voice brushing my ears
The night stood dark, stars lose its brightness
No sign of moon no thunder nor lightning
Giving you a chance to broke the silence


Don’t look at me with empty gaze
Don’t turn around to hide those tears
Don’t shut your lips but rather speak
What’s in your mind, your heart dictates
But please never say broken vow of promises

Article Written By juny

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