Love And Broken Hearted People

I wonder why brokenhearted people listen to love songs, and then cry. Do they find comfort while crying, or they just want to recall the memories with tears?


You might throw me a look while questioning, “Why, you never had any theme song?” I do, I have one that I dedicate to the one I love. I just can’t help thinking why do people listen to their theme song when it only hurts them more. It’s like adding more pain to the wounded heart. I know crying is good than keeping the pain inside. So I guess, my title should be,

“thank you for the music for making me cry”

A love song mostly expresses emotion, feelings of a broken heart and failed relationships. One of the most touching song I ever heard is from the movie “Anna and the King”. The title tells everything

“How can I not love you”
“Cannot touch, cannot hold
Cannot be together
Cannot love, cannot kiss
Cannot have each other
Must be strong and we must let go
Cannot say what our hearts must know
Cannot share sweet and tender moments”

How painful it is seeing someone you love but you cannot hold

nor even touch. The hardest part is you are not allowed to express what your heart wants to say. Where in this world do have such rule, to consider love is over before it could start. Even a king is wondering if it would be different to love someone from lower caste and breaking every rules and tradition, the kingdom followed since ancient time.

Do you have any theme song; does it make you cry remembering the past? Do you still listen to it and does it gives you pain or made you smile since the feeling is gone towards the person associates with the song. Do you prefer not to relate your relationship with any song? I have a song for the one I love, he never knows this for I never tell him, maybe today I will.

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