Broken Angel

When someone broke an angel hearts and regret comes at last.


A lonely face full of sadness,
Glaring with empty eyes, a blank face,
Shut lips no smile traced.
A broken angel is in my head.


A broken wing of shattered feathers,
Limp and shudder on croaked trails.
Fly no more my angel wish,
Inside my mind screaming out to leave.


Reach my hands and I will fly with you,

/> Hold on to my shoulders as we walk on through.
Throw your broken dreams in outer space,
Be free from grief cheer up with glee.


Broken angel is no more to see,

/> She leaves no trace conceive by death,
In her destiny, she lives in peace.
Do someone regret for a broken angel who wept?


Even angels fall in love and weep when hurt. Don’t you ever dare to break an angel’s heart or you will regret hurting one. No, this is a real angel I am saying, not those ones we know who lives in heaven and guiding us. But who knows, I might be right as well, maybe even angels do fall in love…with human.

Article Written By juny

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