Famous Suicide Place -blackforest In Japan

What lies behind this forest in Japan below Mt. Fuji? Aokigahara, known as Sea of Tress has been tagged as Black Sea of Tress due to increasing rate of suicide inside this breathtaking tourist destination.

There are signs nailed on tress with messages such as “Please Reconsider” and “Please Consult the Police before you decide to die”. To remind people or make them change their mind if ever they come or visit the forest to commit suicide. There is no reliable statics counting or total average of suicide inside the forest. However, the Japanese government is determined to cut the rates

of suicide by more than 20 percent on these coming years. The government recorded 2,305 for January 2008 and an increase by 15 percent in 2009 recording 2,645 suicides.

Aokigahara “the perfect place to die” as described by Wataru Tsurumui’s bestselling book “The Complete Manual of Suicide”, due to it’s dense, dark sea of trees. Inside the forest there is no sound that can be heard other than the sound produced

by the forest itself. More than 500 people are recorded taken their lives inside the forest since 1950’s. 78 bodies were found in 2002 and it climb to 100 in 2003. In 2004 108 people killed themselves and 247 commit suicide in 2010, 54 completed the act. The government stopped giving exact numbers to the public associating Aokigahara forest with suicide.

There are small army of police, volunteers and villagers scouting the forest occasionally in search of bodies. Local authorities posted security cameras at the entrances of the forest. The goal is to track people who walk into the forest.

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