Love Is A Mysterious Word For A Heart That Never Knows The Exact Meaning Of It

Love is a mysterious word for a heart that never knows the exact meaning of it. However, who can define the real meaning of love?

Love is a mysterious word for a heart that never knows the exact meaning of it. However, who can define the real meaning of love?

Yes, who can define the exact meaning of love, can you, anyone knows? A heart that’s pure never knows the word doubt when it comes to love. It never knows the feeling of suspicion nor distrusts someone she loves. A loving heart never entertains negative thoughts; never say a thing that might hurt. Love is beautiful and sweet for those who found true love that exists. Love is wonderful when you met someone who made you

realized your importance no matter how simple you are to everyone. Love makes your world complete once you found the person who gives you the meaning of life the moment you lost hope and want to give it up.

Isn’t love mysterious in many ways? How will you understand a person who commits suicide after losing someone who gives him/her the meaning of life? When someone falls in love with another and falls out of love from the one he/she is having relationship with, can you justify such situation? When a perfect marriage turns into a broken family because of another woman/man, can you asks where love has gone? A young guy/girl falling in love with someone half their age, do you have any guts

to ask why? A pretty woman married a fat and ugly guy, a handsome prince marrying his housemaid do you know the reason why? Someone says, when you love two people at the same time, choose the second one. Because if you really love the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second one.

Does love only knows to match a perfect couple for us to believe that love is pure and kind. No, love never knows any boundaries, doesn’t have any race, no culture, no religion or faith. How can you describe the beauty of a place you have never been? Do you know the sweetest scent when morning dew combined with midnight mist? Who is the greatest painter who can paint the air, or do you know a singer who can sing the silence? Did someone knows the feeling of pain without being hurt? Now, do you know the reason why does your heart go on beating? How do you define love, is it according to your visualization or from what you feel within. You don’t need to define love at all, just keep on loving and love without hurting anyone.

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