Better To Have A Bad Day And Not A Bad Life

Everyday is not the same, some are bad some and some are good. So, never felt bad for having a bad day, it is better to have a bad day occasionally than having a bad life.

Stop complaining for having a bad hair day; it does not happen everyday and will not take a whole life either. Instead of ranting, smile and call the positive vibes by ignoring bad omen that starts to ruin your day. Some other time you woke up from the bad side of your bed and feeling down that gives you uneasy feeling or a bad mood.

You keep yourself compose and whisper a short prayer to drive the negative spirit that tries to invade your day. You also try to wear an amulet your ancient ancestors gave you to protect from the fangs of evil. You keep your good luck charm around your waist, tied your pulse with golden thread and chant a poem that you never understand a word, but nothing seems to work. Be thankful, it is just another bad day and not a bad life.

Never let the sunsets having bad mood

or let the darkness spread with a frown in your face. Go find a way to eliminate that feeling of gloominess and fill your heart with joy. Call a friend, shop around, and try the new cuisine your favorite restaurant is offering that day. Drive around until you find a place where you feel comfortable and stay there to calm yourself. Give yourself a new body massage or a makeover and feel beautiful. After doing all the suggestions and still you never feels better, you only have one option left. Look for the highest place near where you can climb. Maybe on your roof or your neighbor’s rooftop would be fine. Brace yourself, take a deep breath and fill your lungs with air until you feel it is about to explode. Now open your mouth as wide as you can and screamed out loud until you were out of breath. Never mind who hears you, it is not their business to mind at all.


5-31-2012 10:45pm Thursday PT

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