Better Than A Hallelujah, Music Video Review

Why there is always wrong, when you want to correct the past?

I stumbled on this music video about a story of a soldier who found an unopened letter from his girlfriend 50 years ago. Remembering the love he left behind, he decided to find his old flame with the letter in his hand. With all hopes, he was able to find the address and a bitter truth as well.
He opened the letter in front of his old beloved’s grave and it reads, “Johnny, you’re going to be a father”


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This might be fictional for the sake of music

video, but I want to consider this as true event. This is another fact how human forsaken promises and how repentance comes last. Regret may never always come at last, yes not for always. This video also revealed how fragile people; forgets their very own vows. When we lost someone we love we realize the

value of that person. No matter how we regret we can never bring back the past anymore. The only thing we can do is sit, cry and take a deep sigh.

So, think of any promises that you ever made, maybe you missed one. Recall any promise made that you might have long forgotten. Maybe it’s not yet too late to fulfill a promise once you vowed to someone else.

So many broken promises;
 Too many broken dreams
Faith in vain,
Fate or forgotten destiny.



6-15-2012 2:01am Friday 

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