Benefits Of Black Out Or Electric Power Failure

Many household will surely oppose with this post because black out or electric power failure causes a lot of discomfort even at homes.


Let’s disregard the business and other establishments they have big support in cases like black out or power failure caused by storms and other calamities. But in every household this black out is the most hated thing anytime of the day most especially when it is summer. Imagine the oven toaster like weather and the sticky wind due to humidity then out of the blue there’s a power cut off in your area. You can hear a long

ohhh’s from kids playing computer games or watching their favorite anime rhyme with adults cursing who also are busy with their stuffs.

So what the benefit this black is out can give to small kids and other ages?

>Small children will have the chance to use their energy. Instead of sitting for hours watching television, playing computer games and ps3 they can go outside and run with their friends. They will

get the chance to visit the park, bring their dog for a walk and have some fun under the sun.

>Same thing with adults whose eyes are tapped on their computer screen chatting with friends on social sites, during black out they will get the chance to stretch and do some exercise. They can go out with friends, stroll along the park and most of all they can help with the household works.

If black out happens during night time, this is the best time for family bonding. They can play board games or listen to stories of old folk’s tale. If you love music then this is the right time for jamming and rock the night with your favorite songs.


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