Believe And You Will See

In times of troubles and misery who do you run to? When you feel your life seems hopeless you search some place to rest. To find solace from unfairness you think death as the best remedy. But do you know you are not alone feeling that way? Look around and you will see that life has many reasons to make you live. If you only knew how to appreciate that life is not beautiful when you are happy but even tears makes life meaningful.



My old life is a

trash one
Like a boat without a sail
My heart desires only worldly pleasures
Of sins that cheated my whole life.


In this world full of misery
I wander in the darkness
With no direction, no trail to trace
Until I found, the path that gives me hope.


In the darkest hour I see light
In my sadness I feel happiness

my weary mood I feel peace
With you I am at peace oh my Lord


Thank you Lord for the love
Thank you for the light and guiding hand
Thank you for the honest leader
Who preaches truth and eternal life.


I thank Thee for every grain of Thy pure teachings.
I thank Thee for the messenger sent by Thee,
Who sacrificed his life, for Thy brethren’s sake
Give soul’s hope to see and reach the heaven’s door.



6-15-2012 1:34am Friday 

Article Written By juny

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