Being Alone Does Not Always Mean Loneliness

Solitaire does not always mean loneliness. Some people choose to live alone for different reasons that others can hardly understand. It is an individual’s choice that no one has the right to question the concern person.

You may wonder why some people choose to live alone or how they cope up with the loneliness of a solitary world. Living alone does not always mean loneliness; it is how solitary people find happiness and peace in a world of their own. They do not have any trouble pleasing anyone or satisfying one’s desire and wishes. Being alone also means free from any

obligation, free from any burden, free from unwanted complications of life. Living alone may sounds lonely for most people, but living alone means contentment for a person who wants a simple life that made him/ her whole.


every solitary people are lonely. Some choose to isolate themselves away from the crowd, but still they welcome visitors and guest inside their houses. Some keep contact with their family, relatives and friends then locked their self alone at the end of the day. They are not hopeless, they are not helpless. They are normal person who wishes to live without troubling other people. They choose a single life unique from the others, because living alone gives serenity to their soul. Who are we to question such kind of life they choose? Maybe they are also wondering why other people choose to live a complicated life full of compromises and misery.


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