The Beginning Of Love Has No Ending

Never say goodbye when you are not ready to let go and never say you have moved one if you still cry. There are times that you really miss someone that you wish to hug him/her even in your dreams.


When you admire someone they call it crush, infatuation or puppy love. It may take a glimpse to feel your heart leap by the looks of someone you admire the most. Maybe it takes another minute to calm down your heart from jumping that made your checks rosy and red. Probably it takes one more hour to settle your mind and

days to make you feel comfortable each time you saw the person who made your day complete.

It takes months or years for a relationship to know each other before announcing engagement. Maybe another year or two to exchange I do’s. After many more years or a decade to

tell that love is real. A silver or golden anniversary to proclaim a marriage made from heaven. But, not all stories composed of sweet memories have fairy tale endings. So, how does love begin without endings? Is there love that lasts eternity?

Love indeed has no ending, everything will soon come to an end but love will goes on forever. When a relationship failed, it is not love that end but the feeling. It is not love that left, but the person. Love never ends, love never left and love never ever change, but a person does. Therefore, it is the person who betrays or become unfaithful and never love should be blame at all.


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