Because Love Doesnít Need A Single Word To Express

Writers are imaginative people who can make their readers cry, smile and even feel hatred. They can make everything possible and make their readers believe that impossible doesn’t exist.


There are different kinds of writers; some are born with the gift while others are made by experiences. Sentimental fool writers are the ones who are made by experiences. They find writing the best way to express their feelings without restriction and the best way to console their unwary fantasies. Mostly their writing speaks about sorrow more than happiness, unending pains and grief of misery. It seems they never know what does

happiness means anymore and life becomes a total doom of darkness. No, they are not desperate writers they only want to share their hidden sadness through writings so they can face the world with smile on their faded faces.


Sentimental writers are expressive people, they can make you dream, and they can make you believe in many things. They can define love in the most beautiful phrases, they can light a cold heart with burning fires

and they can bring hope to a shattered heart of broken promises. Who can understand a sentimental writer, who can relate to their writings, none other than those people who lost faith and think that love only exists in fairy tales. Sentimental writers knows love more than anyone else who are oftentimes misunderstood as impossible dreamers. They are the most passionate lovers betrayed and fooled who still believes that love is the most wonderful thing in the world.


 If you think sentimental writers are crazy maybe then you have not fully understand the meaning of love. Love is defined in a million ways, but who knows what exactly does love means? Don’t you think even the purest heart knows that love doesn’t need a single word to express?



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