Baguio City Philippines In The Season Of Blooming (flower Festival)


The Flower Festival known as Penagbenga is one of the country’s grandest festival held in Baguio City every year.

A brief history;
Panagbenga festival was created in 1994 after the 1990 earthquake as a way to rise up from the devastation. Panagbenga means “season of blooming or a time of flowering” is also a tribute to the city’s flower that blooms from the month of February until June. The festival also helps the younger generation to rediscover old cultures and traditions of the indigenous people of the highlands. The festival is a whole month celebration and consider as one of the

country’s most crowded festival drawing foreign and local tourists to witness the colorful event.

Panagbenga 2013 theme “ A blooming Odyssey”
List of activities
? February 1 – Grand opening parade starts from Session road and ends of the Athletic Bowl at Burnham Park. This includes Drum and Lyre competition from different schools of elementary levels (public and private schools)

? February 1 – March 3, 2013 – Landscaping competition at Burnham park along bike and skating rink area.

? February 10 – Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom held at Melvin Jones. Everyone will get the chance to help paint and design banners. Another event is “ Regatta or The Fluvial Parade” boats

designed with flowers paraded along the Burnham Lake.

? February 23 – Grand Street Dancing Competition starts from eight in the morning along Session Road.
? February 24 – Grand Float Parade, this is the most awaited events wherein participating floats of flowers comes in unique and amazing designs every year.

? February 25- March 3, 2013 – Session Road in Bloom, the road will be closed for a week and stalls of different cuisines are set up for the feast. There are also live bands playing to grace the tourist and expectators for a whole week.

? March 2 – Pony boys Day.

? March 3, Closing Ceremony and Great fireworks display.

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