Tourist Spot In The Philippines, Botanical Garden

Baguio City is gifted with variety of cultural, historic and scenic attractions that make the city important and interesting destination for foreign and local tourist. Baguio can be foggy during rainy season and best weather during summer starting February until May.
This time I will bring you to a historical park called Botanical Garden and recently named “The Centennial Park”

The Botanical Garden- known as Igorot Village features native huts; said to capture the ethnic spirit and cultural legacy of the native people. This park is more peaceful compared to Burnham Park where there are amusement facilities. Botanical Park does not

have amusement and you will surely enjoy serenity surrounding the area, suitable for soul searching and nature tripper. This is also home of Artist Guild, Baguio a natural haven for artist because of its lovely natural and peaceful environment.

You will be welcome by the huge stone depicting the native’s cultural tradition. The stairs down were made of stone, this made the park a non-wheelchair friendly because of the stone paths, and most pathways are made of stones not suitable for wheelchair.
Botanical Park is an ideal place to learn about

the cultural origins and traditions of the Northern Philippines. There are many native tribes in the country and Igorot is among the best known. The Cordillera region in Baguio City is their ancestral home. During the American occupation, American missionaries Christianized the natives and English becomes the mother tongue of this town that is why old folks speak English fluently than Filipino as the mother tongue of the country.

You can also buy different varieties of flowering plants but you need to consider the climate since those plants survives only with cold weather.
The Art Gallery – Botanical Garden known for “home of the artists “you can find the art gallery inside the park. However, due to open ponds surrounding the area, you have to take proper care when there are small kids with you.

You should not miss to visit this park, and feel the native way of life.

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