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Baguio City Tourist Spots in the Philippines
Published By juny on 2011-12-15 82 Views

Baguio City is a highland 1,500 meters above sea level. Average temperature is 15-23 Degrees Celsius during summer and is lower during rainy days.

With the first part of our travel, I featured the famous Burnham Park, Wright Park and The Mansion. I want to give you more details regarding this next park known as Mines View Park. Mines View Park is the most visited park of the city. You may wonder why it is called “mines view”. This is not a mining park but overlooking the abandoned mining companies of Balatok, Antamok and Atok mines. These mines used to be rich in gold and cooper. The only mining company that still operates is Baguio gold just below this Mines View Park.

The Mines View Park- this park is not far from The Mansion, it only takes 5 minutes ride or you can take a walk and enjoy the breeze and smell of pine trees. Soon as you enter the vicinity, stalls of souvenirs will give your eyes a good welcome

Mines view is best to visit early in the morning and feel the breeze enjoy the peace and serenity while sitting in the middle of this huge rock looking the endless mountains that your naked eyes could ever see. You might consider watching the sunsets too and be mesmerized by the beauty of darkness spreading the view.


Why I love this place the most? You can see my ancestral house just below when you stand from this huge rock overlooking the mines. I can hear visitor’s laughter and scream especially that first timer having fear of heights, the moment they look down and feel the kick from their stomach. Make sure you are brave enough to get near of the fences and hold your breath not to throw up. 


The latest attraction added to this park is a giant fury stuffed toy looking dog Saint Bernard breed. The last time I checked I saw two of these giant pups. Here is my beloved son and cousins with that giant fury owned by my cousin. I wonder how many kilos of dog food this loving dog can finish in a meal.

One important thing that you should not miss is to buy souvenirs. Mines View Park offers cheap souvenirs and wide variety from small to big things. Key chains are the best and you can choose a lot, you can also try to bring a naughty souvenir for a change. You should try to put on my native costume too; I will appreciate you for doing such. I hope you get to know why I am proud to present my hometown and more places to come on my next blog/s.


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