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Before we go further to other places let me give you the lists of event the whole year and choose your most convenient time to grace and participate with. February is the best time to visit the country since it’s the start of summer and rainy days is seldom or never comes during this month till summer ends.

February is the chosen month for the PANAGBENGA or FLOWER FESTIVAL. The city chooses this flower festival as the city’s official fiesta due to its popularity of growing variety of flowers. The name Panagbenga is a

Kankanaey term of “a season of blooming” and a way to rise up from the devastation of the 1990 earthquake that made the city once a ghost town. Aside from tourism, the festival also helps the young generation of indigenous people to rediscover their old culture and tradition. The Flower festival started in 1995, is one of the largest and most successful event in the Philippine’s Fiesta calendar since this is announced and considered official.

Panagbenga is a series of celebrations that held over a period of ten days (10 days) the first week launching the ceremonies, the venue for the grand opening is Melvin Jones grandstand at Burnham Park. The main event is the flower parade of floats by participating group or company from all over the country. The Grand Parade takes place on the

last week of celebration.

The schedule of event takes as follows,
• Opening parade – start from Session Road to Melvin Jones Grounds.
• Trade Fair and Bazaar – display of native art and crafts at Burnham Park adjoining the Melvin Jones grounds.
• Grand festival parade and Street Dancing Competition – takes place on the last week of event.
• Float and Marching Band Competition – on the last week of event.
• Session Road in Bloom – from the beginning till the last day of the event, usually the whole month of February.
• Fireworks display or Flower in the Sky- as the Grand Closing.


 The Grand closing ceremony is “fireworks display” on the last night of the event, or “flower in the sky”.
There is also a pre-Valentine celebration since February is also month of LOVE.
You can now booked for the next year’s event and witness this breathtaking event from the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City.
In behalf of my tribe and its people welcome to Baguio City!

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