That Awkward Moment When Your Parents Forgot Your Name

That awkward moment turns funny when your parents forgot your name. But, it may lead to some suspicion once you heard your parents calling other names when in fact you are the only child in the family.

The common mistake of mothers is when they mixed up their children’s name. It is either slip of the tongue, absent mindedness or due to anger. However, let’s admit it; it’s really funny when this awkward moment happened. Imagine when your mother scolding at you and suddenly mentioned your other siblings’ name when she’s referring to no one but you. Don’t laugh out loud,

this is not the funniest mistake a parents could ever done. Try to ask your friends what awkward moment they have experienced with their parents about forgetting their names and maybe then you will say your situation isn’t the worst ever.


Hear of this one funny incident when a parent mixed up his/her kid’s name with their pet. The father receives a phone call and the caller is asking the possibility of talking to his daughter. The father called

his daughter and the mother replied that their daughter is busy bathing their dog outside. The father went outside to call his daughter but instead voiced out their dog’s name and said “hurry up; someone wants to speak with you on the phone”. Could you just imagine the surprise on the daughter’s face after hearing that someone on the phone wants to speak with their dog?


But, wait do you think that only parents can make such mistakes? Ah, you’re wrong, even the kids commit same mistakes too. How would you react when somebody who is filling up an application form suddenly asked you, “hey buddy, what’s my father’s name again?


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