Awkward Experiences With Wrong Dialed Numbers

What is your most unforgettable experience when you unexpectedly dialed a wrong number? How did you react and what did the person from the other line says?


Consider yourself one of the boring people if you haven’t experienced dialing a wrong number. Not exactly you intentionally dialed a wrong number, but accidentally you punch one wrong number or by mistake you assumed you click the right name on your mobile phone. Just then you realized your mistake the moment you heard unfamiliar voice from the other end. The most annoying event is when you did it again with the same number

for the second time and the person from the other end now answered with a high pitch voice. That is expected and you cannot blame the person from getting irate, I am sure you may feel the same if it happens to you especially when you are sleeping.


Another awkward experience calling a wrong number is when you dialed your friend’s number whom you have misunderstanding. Suppose you have an argument with your friend yesterday and you walk out telling him/her flatly

that you don’t want to talk with him/her anymore. Then out of the blue you accidentally dialed his/her number, what would you do? Are you going to end the call or wait if your friend will receive that call or not? The sad part is when your friend ended the call without receiving your call, it will surely hurts and might even make the gap wider. But, if your friend accepted the call, it only means he/she is willing to make amend, that would be one of the best result of unexpected wrong dialed number.


What if you unconsciously dialed your parents number let’s say your father’s number and you’ve heard unfamiliar voice of a women from the other end, oh well that is another story to tell.


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